E7: Love Yourself Love Your Art | Artist Mom Edition - 5 Lessons ( Part 2)

This episode covers three important ideas about approaching creativity wisely and is a continuation from episode 6.

Each piece of advice was taken from an interview with my mother about writing, and then elaborated on by me.

I think we can all benefit from being reminded of these lessons regularly:

1) All You Need is the Seed (on episode 6)
2) It Only Makes Sense in the Moment (on episode 6)
3) You're More Ready Thank You Think You Are
4) Love Yourself to Love Your Art
5) Let Things Take Time

E6: All You Need is the Seed | Artist Mom Edition - 5 Lessons (Part 1)

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My mom wrote a book! And since I'm obsessed with how and why creative people do what they do, I interviewed her about it. Five useful lessons came out of the conversation and can be applied to artists of all types. This is part 1 of a two parter featuring the first two of those lessons.

My mom encouraged me to see no limits to creative potential when I was growing up and it played a big part in turning me into who I am today. Time to share some of that encouragement with you. We all have goals, projects, dreams... I hope this episode helps you feel closer to reaching them.

The original song that I debut on this episode is a solo classical guitar piece called "Anacorta". At the end of the episode I talk about direct influences, some of the music theory, and form/structure concepts that went into composing it.

Free sheet music download links: standard notation or guitar tablature version

(It took a TON of time to write this out! So maybe you can click on the link and check out how good it looks just to make me feel better. Thanks for doing that.) 

Both sheet music versions also automatically come with downloading the song audio free from bandcamp here 

E5: You don't Have to Be Perfect

Have you ever had such high standards for your work that you end up not making anything? I have. Are you a perfectionist? Me too. Hear my story about working through perfectionism and how I rediscovered pure creative freedom without worrying about the outcome. It's true. You Don't have to be perfect. 

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E4: The Ultimate Party Pooper Question

From Long Boarding Visualization Syndrome (LBVS) to clinical mental health concerns, Jerry explores various hardships and possible coping mechanisms while aggressively seeking answers to the ultimate party pooper question, "What's the point?". Listen to his real-life process through reality-show-style recorded rants and conversations with friends while he tries to find the meaning of art and the meaning of life. Troubling at first, the highly produced story-like arc of this episode eventually arrives at a beautiful and comforting resolution, drawing on century-old advice from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, and presenting a delicate and intimate song about surrender and acceptance. Jerry takes what could be an intensely awkward topic and makes it highly engaging, entertaining, and even funny. If you have ever been faced with depression or mental health issues, you may find solace in this episode. If you haven't, then you get to see what it's like inside the head of a neurotic aspiring artist.